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I build LEED inspired houses because they can be more comfortable and convenient to live in, cost less to operate, and have fewer allergens for those who are sensitive.

Years ago before starting DuVive, I was a technology executive. While I continue to love technology, I had a lifelong interest in design and building and had frequently considered being a master builder. This feeling grew as with each promotion I found myself with greater responsibility but less creative opportunity.

In this period I had spent years searching for a house for my family, but was repeatedly disappointed by what I saw. There were old houses which, even when well built, did not incorporate modern materials and building science, and there were new houses with McMansion aesthetics and build quality and which were often houses that could never feel like home to my family.

In speaking with friends at dinner parties, I heard frequent complaints about their houses, and I saw an unmet need for exceptionally well built houses in prime neighborhoods that were comfortable, modern, efficient, and which incorporated beautiful details in a thoughtful and balanced manner.

It was then that I decided I would build exclusively for a niche market, a discerning buyer with sophisticated taste.

This was the genesis of DuVive.

– Marc Duvivier